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Superpow! replaces traditional searching with intelligent matchmaking to find you your best matching therapist. Get help for your mental health directly on our website and start feeling better.

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About us
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Superpow! Mental Health online therapy app

Superpow! was developed by co-founders Gabriel Birgaoanu and Andrei Stoica who, after each living busy lives in London, experienced difficulties in finding a suitable platform for online therapy to help them overcome their own mental health issues.


We believe the platforms on offer currently are trying to capitalise on the mental health crisis for financial motives, not for the best interest of the end user. We are looking to change this. We will remove the requirement for long term contracts, recurring payments and direct debits. 


Andrei and Gabriel are ready to fight against stigma and use the power of their examples both as online therapy users and founders of a start-up to change the landscape in mental health.

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