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About Me

My name is Beibei Mu. I am an integrative transpersonal counsellor based in London. I work particularly with depression, relationship difficulties, life changes and transition, cultural and racial identity issues.

The experience of living in two very different cultures in China and in the UK enables me to understand the tension my clients hold between their home culture and the culture they currently live in, and to relate sensitively with clients coming from diverse backgrounds. Together we will make meaning of your suffering, pain and wounding as the soul’s calling for attention, rather than as a problem or fault to be fixed.

When words are not enough to express feelings and emotions, I integrate soulful approaches such as imagery, visualisations, embodiment, fairy tales and dream exploration in our therapeutic work. I will support you in moving towards a sense of clarity, purpose and renewal, and towards self-fulfilment and transformation.


Anxiety, depression, relationship issues, life changes and transition, self-esteem and confidence issues, work and career - redundancy, career change, cultural and racial identity issues. lack of belonging, lack of meaning and hope, loss and bereavement, childhood trauma, sexual abuse


- Diploma in Integrative Transpersonal Counselling, Re-Vision (BACP Accredited),

- Mental Health First Aider, MHFA England

- Certificate in Counselling and Counselling Skills, Birkbeck, University of London,

- BSc Mathematics, Imperial College London

To maintain the highest possible levels of competence and care, I undertake regular personal supervision for my work with clients and attend continuing professional development courses.


1. Despite counselling being a talking profession, I have gone through 10 days without saying a single word during a Vipassana meditation retreat in Italy.
2. I don’t have a pet but I have collected 30 soft animal toys over the years. They all have their own names and personalities.
3. The longest time it took for me to walk 5km was 9 hours. This was when I was hiking from Barafu Camp (4673m) to Uluru Peak of Kilimanjaro (5895m). It is still the most tiring moment in my life so far!