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I can say I am quite passionate about what I do. The human mind is a continuous reason for fascination for me. I love reading, travelling, challenging myself. I am curious, investigative as a character. I like wine, philosophy, and of course psychology. I have a strong need for growth. I can say that I reached the point where I am lucky enough to say that I do not feel I am working, but rather I pursue my passion and my call, so to say: to be there for people, and help them make out of their struggles a meaningful story, that will change them in order for them to live this life to its fullest.


I must say that I am not extremely formal in my approach. I think that creating a strong therapeutic alliance with the people I work with, its my first purpose. An alliance built on trust and mutual respect. As well, I won't always be easy on people, I will challenge assumptions, beliefs, behavioural patterns, but I will always make sure that people understand why I am doing that. And last, but not least, I come in sessions with the thought that it is not only me that will give something today in the session, but that I will learn as well something from my patients. My patients are my greatest teachers.

Price per session: £85

Hi, I am Calin

Calin Hopsitar


From showing you how to work and manage specific emotions, like anger management, anxiety, to depression, skills development, and coping mechanisms development. I work as well around trauma and trauma related problems, sleep disorders, sexual disorders, and personality difficulties. Stress management, time management and personal development are services that are familiar to me. I work with couples as well, and coaching is something that I have an interest in, besides classic individual therapy sessions.


I am a CBT trained therapist and Gottman Method Couples Trained Therapist. I am familiar working in different CBT approaches: schema therapy, DBT and ACT. Besides my training as a psychologist and CBT therapist, I have a MSc in Neuroscience from King's College London, as I wanted to gain a better understanding about the human psyche, from a biological and genetic perspective as well. I have experience in working with a diverse age range. I am a member of British Psychological Society since 2019, in three professional divisions: Division of Clinical Psychology, Division of Counselling and Division of Teachers and Academics. For 5 years I have been a research assistant in Developmental PSychology Lab., Babes-Bolyai University, Romania. I initiated, implemented, and presented studies and studies results since I was a master student. At the moment a registration as a clinical psychologist in the UK, with HCPC, is waiting for confirmation.


I am so in love with planes, that whenever I walk on the streets of London, I am always with my head up in the sky, telling my friends what plane model I see, the company, where it comes from, etc. At a certain point I might fall, stumble and need assistance to bring me back on track. I am a bit aesthetically pretentious and use to annoy my friends with the kind of places I go to, or relaxing activities I engage with (its usually a good shopping session, good opera, theatre and some bougie food). I will say that I will have a look in a shop, and I will get out with half a shop in bags. Can't help it, I promise!

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