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About Me

I can say I am quite passionate about what I do. The human mind is a continuous reason for fascination for me. I love reading, travelling, challenging myself. I am curious, investigative as a character. I like wine, philosophy, and of course psychology. I have a strong need for growth. I can say that I reached the point where I am lucky enough to say that I do not feel I am working, but rather I pursue my passion and my call, so to say: to be there for people, and help them make out of their struggles a meaningful story, that will change them in order for them to live this life to its fullest.


From showing you how to work and manage specific emotions, like anger management, anxiety, to depression, skills development, and coping mechanisms development. I work as well around trauma and trauma related problems, sleep disorders, sexual disorders, and personality difficulties. Stress management, time management and personal development are services that are familiar to me. I work with couples as well, and coaching is something that I have an interest in, besides classic individual therapy sessions.


I am a CBT trained therapist and Gottman Method Couples Trained Therapist. I am familiar working in different CBT approaches: schema therapy, DBT and ACT. Besides my training as a psychologist and CBT therapist, I have a MSc in Neuroscience from King's College London, as I wanted to gain a better understanding about the human psyche, from a biological and genetic perspective as well. I have experience in working with a diverse age range. I am a member of British Psychological Society since 2019, in three professional divisions: Division of Clinical Psychology, Division of Counselling and Division of Teachers and Academics.


I am so in love with planes, that whenever I walk on the streets of London, I am always with my head up in the sky, telling my friends what plane model I see, the company, where it comes from, etc. At a certain point I might fall, stumble and need assistance to bring me back on track. I am a bit aesthetically pretentious and use to annoy my friends with the kind of places I go to, or relaxing activities I engage with (its usually a good shopping session, good opera, theatre and some bougie food). I will say that I will have a look in a shop, and I will get out with half a shop in bags. Can't help it, I promise!