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Speak to a Someone Who Understands You Best.

Find Your Best Matching Therapist.

Answer a few short questions about your preferences and find your best matching therapist.

See their profile and contact them to begin feeling better.

This is a free service, sessions are arranged individually with your therapist after you contact them.

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Choose Your Language

Let's get started. What language would you like your therapist to speak?


Speaking to someone in a language that you feel most comfortable with can boost the effect of therapy. Choose as many languages as you like.

Please select at least one language.

Your Therapist's Ethnicity

What ethnicity would you like your therapist to associate with?

The more aligned you are with your therapist, the more likely it is for you to feel understood. That includes your therapist's ethnicity. Choose the one that you would like them to associate with.

Please select an ethnicity that you prefer.

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LGBT Community

🏳️‍🌈 Would you like your therapist to associate with this community?

Some of our therapists are also part of the LGBT community. It could help speaking to someone of a similar sexual orientation. Make your selection below.
Preferred Gender

And what gender would you like your therapist to identify with?

Choose the one that suits you best.
What would you like your therapist to know about you?

Example: "I am constantly feeling worried that something bad will happen due to COVID"

It's not mandatory to answer, but would help if you did.

And finally, please write three things that you enjoy or love.

It can be anything. Example: "I love long walks around London, I like craft beer, I am a cat person". Again, you don't need to answer, but would help if you did.

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That's it. All ready.

Tap on "Let's Go" to see the results and connect with your best matching therapist.

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