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Superpow! Online Therapy App

Find your best matching therapist not just based on symptoms, but also your language, ethnicity, culture and preferences. 

Free service, no card required. Therapy sessions from £45 arrange directly with your matching therapist.

Language, Ethnicity, Culture

Over 35 therapists are available to speak to you and help you feel better. Get started by contacting your matching therapist to arrange an initial session.

How It Works
Is Superpow! right for you?

Finding someone who you can trust and who can make you feel understood can make a big difference in therapy, but only you know who is best for you. 


Here is why Superpow! is different:

  • A stigma-free and inclusive environment

  • Flexible schedule, without a minimum number of sessions required to be booked in advance

  • Book as many sessions as you need and pay as you go

  • Highly qualified psychotherapists that offer a safe and confidential place to talk

Qualified, accredited therapists and counsellors who can help you feel better.

All our therapists are vetted, accredited and registered to practice in the UK. They speak over 23 languages and are of different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.


Get started today with your initial session and begin feeling better.