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English, Croatian

About Me

Originally born and lived my childhood in Bosnia, then moved to Croatia and from 2019 I settled together with my partner in London, impressed with its urbanism, language, and cultural diversity. My family background has a diversity of nationalities, religions, and lifestyles, so I am proud to say that I am raised to respect differences in family and cultural habits and ways of living. I really like numbers and observing general patterns and individualities in different child development stages. So,  I am strongly interested in scientific research, mainly in Child and Adolescence Development and Cognitive Sciences. I am Psychologist and Expressive Arts Therapy Practitioner. I am a visual artist also.  In the last 10 years, I exhibit my drawings and illustrations and participate in workshops, collaborating with artists from different modalities and styles.  


Learning Difficulties (Children and Adults), Children and Family issues, Mental Health issues such as Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, Gender and Sexual Orientation, Personality Disorders, Anger control (Children, Youth and Adults)


Masters Degree in Psychology, Expressive Arts Therapy Practitioner, member of the British Psychological Society and the Croatian Psychological Chamber (Hrvatska Psihološka Komora)


- I am oriented to numbers and percentages a lot. So, in many everyday situations, I make my partner or friends and family laugh with my percentage expressions, such as; "30 percent of our bananas will soon be off!!! Please eat at least 20% of them today !!!!"
- I am very skilled in drawing techniques (and very proud of that). I started to draw and paint very early BUT I struggled with reading. I required a lot of help from my mother and grandmother with reading exercises and then the first word I read was Alojzije, name of the most famous Croatian saint.  
- I do not know how to ride a bike and I tried million times. I just sit and stay sitting. And then fall on the left side. Much worse than Pheobe from Friends.