About Me

I first accessed counselling myself in my early 20's after experiencing some very difficult and challenging situations in my life and have since had counselling periodically throughout my adult life. For me, talking to a therapist of whom I could trust and was not emotionally involved in my life and who could remain impartial, objective and not judge me was invaluable: it enabled me to eventually view my life experiences from a different perspective and inspired me to train and qualify as a professional therapist, so that now I am able to help others to address their issues and life challenges.


I work with individuals, couples and with their emotional well-being, using a holistic psycho / social / emotional approach. I'm a compassionate and understanding person and thankfully  possess a good sense of humour, of which has held me in good stead throughout my personal and professional life.

Hi, I am Joanne

Joanne Freeman

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I am able to help others to address their issues and life challenges. I am there to help and support you to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and find those answers. This enables you to feel empowered, autonomous and confident in your own ability to trust yourself to make choices and decisions in order to make the necessary changes.


Each and every one of you are individuals and you all have your own characteristics and idiosyncrasies of which I take into consideration to provide a counselling service that is effective and enables you to understand yourself in your own way using your own sense of self, together with my experience, knowledge and  professional competence.

My Qualifications

I am fully insured and DBS certified which is regularly updated. I am a fully qualified member of the National Counselling Society and the Accredited Voluntary Register. I adhere to the National Counselling Society's Ethical Code of Practice. I attend regular CPD courses and have monthly supervision.

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