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Before retraining in psychotherapy, I spent many years working in the City of London. A time that has afforded me a well rounded view of what work/life balance really looks like. I can relate to the balancing act of managing multiple demands and how unresolved tensions can have a domino effect on our mental health, identity, self-esteem and confidence. Since then I have gone on to work with clients and patients across a vast array of sectors including; NHS to Armed Forces and Prisons to Harley Street.


As an Integrative therapist, I draw on the approaches that best suit the issues that people bring into the space. I am trained to work with a number of issues including; trauma, bereavement, intercultural, depression, anxiety, high risk and I am also both an adult and youth Mental Health First Aider.

I provide a safe, non-judgemental, supportive and empathetic space where client’s and patients can explore difficult thoughts, feelings, be truly vulnerable and wholly accepted.

I believe within this space, we can unlock, change, and create a toolkit that promotes personal potential and find wholehearted connection. It’s my absolute pleasure and privilege to be a teammate, facilitator, educator and guest in others lives.

Hi, I am Josephine

Josephine Bey


Sexual matters, Personal growth/wellbeing, Suicidal thoughts, anxiety, Attachment issues, Family issues, Depression, Trauma, Emotional abuse, Loss, Self-esteem, Stress, Loneliness, Relationships, Cultural identity. I have extensive experience working with the Armed Forces both Veterans and Serving Personnel and I also have a particular interest in intercultural counselling, supporting exploration of topics such as implicit biases, cultural & racial identity and interracial relationships.


PGDip Integrative Therapeutic Counselling, CBT intervention, Sex after Trauma and Working with Shame and Compulsivity, COVID-19: Psychological Impact: Wellbeing and Mental Health, How to counsellor online.


1) I’m a bit of a Scfy and Comic geek (Marvel over DC!, Inception makes perfect sense to me!

2) I can pat my head and rub my tummy at the same time.

3) I don’t have a back hand playing rack sport because I’m ambidextrous. I just swap hands instead!

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