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My name is Kamil, I am fully qualified, MBACP Accredited and experienced counsellor and psychotherapist. I offer a warm, confidential and non-judgemental environment for individual clients and couples. I truly believe that change is possible for everyone. I have confidence to be able to provide enough support to help find the best coping strategies to change life for the better.


Together we will identify your problems, focus on finding solutions and discover your best coping strategies for all that life throws at you. I use mindfulness, breathing exercises, muscle relaxation and many more strategies.


We will challenge your beliefs and look at different perspectives. Together we will challenge negative thoughts and help you focus on your attachment styles which we have all unconsciously learnt from childhood; looking at how they play significant roles in our current relationships. I have a straight forward, caring and honest attitude. I am passionate in supporting to live best possible life.

Price per session: £40

HI, I am Kamil

Kamil Kostrzewa


I have experience working with clients suffering from a wide range of issues which include; depression, anxiety, PTSD, anger, rage, relationship issues, childhood abuse, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, low self-esteem, bullying, sadness, coping with serious health conditions, stress, suicidal thoughts, personality disorders, despair, change, addictions , low self-confidence, self-harm, trauma, grief, identity, sexual orientation. I offer therapy to help people manage mental help problems such as; Emotional distress from certain life events such as trauma, bereavement, separation, divorce, redundancy, feeling overwhelmed by work or work problems, panic attacks. I am trained to work with gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender and queer clients as well as other representations of sexual orientations and gender identities. I can help with difficulties around 'coming out', stigma, impact on mental health, childhood bias, gender identity, high risk sexual behaviors and look to create goals and specific treatment plans. I create a safe space for you to be able to be yourself. If you are struggling with sexuality or gender I am able to support you on your journey with a full awareness of the specific pressures faced by the LGBTQ + community.


Level 5 Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counseling

Advanced Certificate in Relationship Counseling Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counseling


My happiest time is when I am running on the beach I am obsessed with cake, the first thing I do when I am traveling to new place is to look for a bakery I am a big Game of Thrones and Harry Potter geek

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