About Me

I am an Argentine Psychologist who emigrated to the UK in 2018 happily working here since then.

As a member of the British Psychological Society I currently work online providing psychotherapeutic treatment to expats and due to Covid-19 pandemic, I also decided to volunteer for the Argentine Embassy in London to assist and provide emotional support to Argentines stranded in the UK, unable to go back home.

My motivation is to offer my full mind to those in need of speaking about their worries and personal crises. Because we’ve all been there some time, and a helping hand can make a huge difference and prevent us from falling into darker moments


Taking the decision of speaking about how we feel can be hard work, so I allow an hour of space for dialogue if you are happy with it. I will listen to you and ask questions because I value the importance of having an interactive conversation.

Price per session: £25

Hi, I am Romina



My specialisms as a therapist include Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Specific Phobia, Social Anxiety Disorder (Social Phobia), Panic Disorder, Depression and low mood, PTSD, Stress, Personal development


- Bachelor degree in Psychology (UBA - University of Buenos Aires, Argentina) - Psychology teacher (USAL - University of El Salvador, BS As Argentina) - CBT training - I am currently member of the British Psychological Society - MBPsS (505697)

As part of my University/Bachelor's degree in Psychology, please find the list of specific psychotherapy courses directly related to the field: - Freud Psychoanalysis - French School Psychoanalysis - English School Psychoanalysis - Theory and technique of groups - Public and Mental Health - Theory and Techniques of examination and Diagnosis - Psychological Clinic and Psychotherapy: Clinical Practice for Adults - Psychotherapies


- I was born and raised in Argentina
- My Shar Pei dog Rustu has taught me what love is more than I could have ever imagined

- I love Rocky Balboa's saga because I think no matter how high in the summit you are, it's always about going back to basics and never forget who you are

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