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About Me

I grew up as an immigrant child in Germany, lived in France and moved in my late 20s to London. Before I re-trained as a therapist, I played different roles in my life and one thread is recurrent – helping people gain new perspectives, overcome barriers, gain new skills or find new opportunities. At some point, most of us may come to feel anxious, low, overwhelmed or simply stuck. Maybe you’ve been coping so far but things now feel overwhelming; perhaps it has been this way for a while and talking to friends or family may not be enough. Each person who enters therapy has a unique story, a unique combination of experiences and circumstances. We all have different strengths and concerns. The starting point is to come as we are.


Whether you are dealing with a specific issue or would like to explore your existence in a broader sense, therapy can be an opportunity to create space in your life to consider where you are now, and where you would like to go from here. People come for different reasons to therapy, but I am best trained to help if you: feel stressed, anxious or overwhelmed; have a challenging personal or professional relationship; struggle with confidence or self-esteem; are in the transition into parenthood; have arrived in a new country and are facing all the changes that this can bring or are going through a cultural identity crisis


Postgraduate Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy, MA in Advanced Clinical Practice


I love cats, travelling and people